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I am a slice-of-life photographer, unobtrusively capturing moments of connection: joy, tenderness, friendship, and love. Clients are touched by the spontaneous expressions I record because they are genuine and unrehearsed. I am respectful and always observant, using my intuition from over 35 years of experience to anticipate and document the most important occasions in your life. Please visit my website portfolios, http://www.timothyteaguephotography.com, organized by themes of moments, connections, essence, and story. These journalistic elements are the map and inspiration for my work.

I come from a four generation line of photographers. Some of my earliest memoires are of helping my father, Robert Dana Teague, print in his darkroom. My great-grandfather, J.C. Brewster, was Ventura County's first professional photographer and many of his works hang in the Ventura County Historical Museum.

My father's natural style of work inspired my own journalistic approach, which I honed at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. My training at Brooks lead me to work in New York City with some of of the world's top fashion photographers. New York was a perfect setting for pursuing street photography and developing the intuitive skill for anticipating that "decisive moment" that is all important for documentary photographers. Before starting my own business, I further refined my journalistic approach working at a California newspaper.

I have a reputation for capturing moments. My work has been featured in In Style, People, and Elegant Bride magazines, as well as the critically acclaimed book Colin Cowie Weddings. My photography of celebrities such as Lisa Kudrow, Holly Robinson, and Kenny G have appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, and several Lifetime Television specials.

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